Who we are …
We are architects and designers, analytical thinkers, planners, interior designers, code checkers, service providers, business administrators, dreamers, innovators, musicians, painters, photographers, and sculptors. We believe Architecture is only a means to the expression of the humanity within all of us.

What we do …
We pursue our dreams and goals through commitment to our clients AND to the values that we hold most dear. We inspire confidence in the hearts and minds of the community within which we practice. VMI is a place where we practice integrity, excellence, accountability, reliability and trustworthiness every day, at all levels of our interactions within and outside the company. We are very much in touch with the needs of the people we deal with and are quick to respond to find an amicable win-win solution to accommodate those needs. We do business with the highest sense of honesty, trust, fairness and humility. Our legacy is the positive impact we make on the people around us.

Where we are going…
The family atmosphere we have created here is aimed to celebrate the best in everyone who is involved in the day to day operation of VMI. This atmosphere has extended to the community of consultants, vendors and clients who have a long standing working relationship with us. It is our aim as an Architectural firm to be the conduit in the daily transformation of ourselves and others by creating spatial interactions and proportional relationships that serve their development.

Where we work….
As architects we continue to work on commercial, retail, restaurant and residential projects throughout the western states. VMI’s architects are licensed in the states of CA, OR, WA, NV, UT, ID, AZ, CO, KS, TX, OK, MO, AR, LA, IL, TX, GA, FL, OH, MI, and MD.


We believe in the infinite capacity of the human soul for growth and learning



people are talking

"All of your staff are Pros and are easy to work with. In all cases you plans are better than other architects.
VMI is very helpful and fast on RFI’s. I could go on and on, but have to go back to bidding!" Brad White, American Building Concepts, Valley Springs, CA
"VMI has been extremely helpful in completing projects. Their work is first class, knowledgeable, and all of their people are responsive to questions or issues. They provide good economical solutions." David G. Smith, Sacramento, CA
"I've had the pleasure of working with Hugh and VMI for the past several years. They provided me with quality service and a quality product. They always acted in my "The Owner's" best interest and provided their services at a fair price. I'd eagerly use them again on future projects." Reggie Norman, Irvine, CA
"They are more expensive than our previous architect but so far they are well worth the extra money. They stepped in and saved us when I had to fire our previous architect 4 days into a remodel. They have a great staff and there is always somebody available to answer questions. Also, they do their homework, so you end up with a set of plans that your general contractor can actually use!!!" Alan Laabs, San Jose, CA